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  • Kyle Mendonca
    Kyle Mendonca

    I adore how much coffee she drinks.. and as a born New Yorker, I’m loving it to the max. Caffeine is a beautiful thing 😂

  • Lisa Matos
    Lisa Matos

    Accutane left me with the WORST stomach issues and digestion problems and when I went to the doctor about it I got diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 👌👌 now I have to eat low fiber/acidic foods so I’m not in pain and the number of coffees Emma consumes make me NERVOUS

  • janna Willams
    janna Willams

    yes i do want clout:)

  • janna Willams
    janna Willams

    she walking with the devil so dont call her angleee (i made this up DO NOT copy this please but if you do tag me please:)

  • Tonie W
    Tonie W

    0:40 scared the shit out of me 😭

  • Tonie W
    Tonie W

    Her dark hair is so pretty on her

  • Alannah Hawks
    Alannah Hawks

    “Thrifting is not shopping.” Haha okay I thought that was a lie only I believed. 😅

  • Jess Caelli
    Jess Caelli

    The few fierce aluminium primarily spray because butter dentsply type amongst a jazzy donna. brainy, lazy detail

  • Elizabeth Fowler
    Elizabeth Fowler

    living for the nyc vlogs

  • Elizabeth Fowler
    Elizabeth Fowler

    you need to try double zero for vegan pizza!!!!

  • Amy Lakata
    Amy Lakata

    girrrrllll, we know you were looking at houses in NY

  • Ailani Villegas
    Ailani Villegas

    The fact that she had a lot of coffee ☕️

  • Yensly Castellanos
    Yensly Castellanos

    Come to New York again

  • Elizabeth Fowler
    Elizabeth Fowler

    love it!!!!! nyc >>>>

  • Gabbystar productions
    Gabbystar productions

    Not Emma having an ad with herself before her video

  • Ailani Villegas
    Ailani Villegas

    Emma, is there a lot of traffic over there and is it annoying?

  • Jenna Babick
    Jenna Babick

    You should move to a small rural area

  • Jess Caelli
    Jess Caelli

    The beneficial parsnip orly drum because package correspondingly clean toward a tested currency. rural, thinkable sousaphone

  • emilie declercq
    emilie declercq

    I love that she has no filter

  • Kallyn

    going to get a bagel w/ vegan cream cheese now that sounds so fire.

  • Johnell Johnson
    Johnell Johnson

    If I could double subscribe I will

  • Sam Swanson
    Sam Swanson

    Did she eat?

  • talia sage
    talia sage


  • LJ !
    LJ !

    Emma should shave her hair and grow it out naturally!!

  • Katie Z
    Katie Z

    Emma look up Jonna Jinton’s channel and that will answer your hypothesis about humans and getting used to cold temperatures.

  • Elena Caruso
    Elena Caruso

    Move to NYC for your mental health... seriously do it 👍

  • daniella abad
    daniella abad

    heyy emma u know how u said that ur hair is like dead i know of 2 things try opleax if you havent or if not just shave it i mean like ur young and i mean you live once and it will grow back but i not i heard that opleax is very good for your hair.

  • Chloe Lorenzo
    Chloe Lorenzo

    who needs therapy when you have Emma

  • syd elizabeth
    syd elizabeth

    one reason. i am going to LA for summer for a week and i plan to search the streets for u

  • Chloe Lorenzo
    Chloe Lorenzo

    Idek why I loved this so freaking much lol

  • alejandra ornelas
    alejandra ornelas

    I wonder if she doesn’t feel weird talking to herself..

  • Aria Bernard
    Aria Bernard

    she’s so cute

  • Alicia Allen
    Alicia Allen

    40 degrees is t-shirt weather for me! However, when you said "it's 62 degrees, it's so hot" I felt that. I cannot handle an 100+ degree summer lol. Glad you enjoyed new york!

  • Mercedes V
    Mercedes V

    you should not move to new york because of the high violent crime rate and you should move to Florida because it is much cheaper than new york and LA and it has great theme parks

  • Molly

    Emma’s videos puts me in a mood to vlog, even thought I don’t even have a LTwhite channel 💀

  • n a t
    n a t


  • Bam Taulepa
    Bam Taulepa

    she looks like the baddest bitty i know wit brown hair

  • sofia samper
    sofia samper

    Come to Madrid you will love it

  • Yensly Castellanos
    Yensly Castellanos

    Living in New York is great I love it here

  • Cammy a
    Cammy a

    She is so pretty

  • sydney1622

    You talked a whole lot about your stomach issues while drinking coffee after coffee. 😂 we’re so similar. I deal with stomach issues and not knowing what to eat because of it but then I’ll still drink coffees while my stomachs already hurting. It’s so addicting😩

  • Bam Taulepa
    Bam Taulepa

    get away from me

  • Olivia Preston
    Olivia Preston

    I like your videos before I actually watch it cuz I know its good

  • Silvia Taltos
    Silvia Taltos

    Ok so...she feels deezy and tired all the time maybe because - she drinks tons of coffee - she don't drink water at all - don't eat breakfast - don't eat anything different besides avocado and coles of brussels - walks a lot - don't eat fruits at all - she doesn't sleep well I'm very concerned idk guys

  • letícia souza
    letícia souza

    emma i hated everything and let me tell you i am iN LOVE WITH YOU.

  • Dino Dragon
    Dino Dragon

    Lol you should be a snowbird emma, just come to new york for a few months at a time

  • Dino Dragon
    Dino Dragon

    Wait omgg I have the same exacr heating pad strat! I feel like a lizard lol

  • lia

    Petition for Emma to move to New York➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

  • Sunny Side-ways
    Sunny Side-ways

    You shouldn’t move to New York because you’ve never ever ever experienced a city winter time ever

  • abryana sumer
    abryana sumer

    you should try Ola Plex on your hair it will help your split ends and make your hair so much softer even after 1 time of going to the salon

  • valentina fini
    valentina fini

    i love this!! emma, if you want to live in new york but cant, maybe rent or buy an apartment in nyc and whenever you want to go there and spend a few months/weeks there you can. or just take more trips to nyc.

  • Ella Ella kern
    Ella Ella kern

    Anybody wanna tell me where the dark jeans she was wearing are from?

  • Elsy Alondra
    Elsy Alondra

    Why don’t you buy clothing and ship them to ur apmt in L.A. from New York?😀

  • Stacie Lynn
    Stacie Lynn

    Emma is such a cutie and I hope she knows that

  • Dino Dragon
    Dino Dragon

    Yeah my gps always fucks up in the city lol

  • Samantha Bulgin
    Samantha Bulgin

    stop complaining about your stomach hurting while drinking 4 coffees a day LOL it's pretty obvious what's happening.

  • Silvia Taltos
    Silvia Taltos

    Idk if this is a old question but , why she doesn't eat breakfast? Is a genuine question maybe she explained this before but i'm new

  • Olivia Mckee
    Olivia Mckee

    I know exactly what your talking about i love the magic school bus pants

  • Ben Kahn
    Ben Kahn

    I would full on have anxiety the whole day over a woman thinking I’m a robot

  • Juan and Mary Salas
    Juan and Mary Salas

    OmG she has a secret twin go to 8 :27 and in the back window there is her secret twin sister!!!!!🤯🤯🤯

  • Rebecca Tarasevskij
    Rebecca Tarasevskij

    It's so funny that you're drinking tea & coffee at the same time 😄

  • Charlotte Marie
    Charlotte Marie

    " I don't wanna go back to LA evul" *stares intensely* "EVULL"

  • Akyira Carrera
    Akyira Carrera

    use Apple Maps

  • MxllyBxlly


  • April ajkd
    April ajkd

    what retouch app is it😭

  • April ajkd
    April ajkd

    what retouch app is it😭

  • Juliet Keefe
    Juliet Keefe

    Move thereeee

  • angelica noralynn
    angelica noralynn

    i can see emma making a fanpage for the iconic bagel

  • Eden Saief
    Eden Saief

    James Charles is a literal cartoon character

  • slouric

    Ur add literally came on before the video

  • Simon Toft
    Simon Toft

    Freddie’s fries are better than everything.

  • Sofi Alexe
    Sofi Alexe

    bro...that "in New York cityyyyyy" autotuned...crashed me

  • Your Average Alex
    Your Average Alex

    very much brittany spears hair circa 1998

  • Clara Hinkelmann
    Clara Hinkelmann

    Emma wtf are you doing in LA, honey you are a complete New York style! MOVEEE

  • Pet_tula Rhodes
    Pet_tula Rhodes

    You grow an extra layer of fat for insulation

  • Shiningma Korio
    Shiningma Korio

    While watching this video I got an ad with Emma chamberlain showing off shoes

  • Erika

    Emma just live 6 months in NYC and 6 Months in LA! You got this! Lol I know easier said than done. Your NYC content is 🔥🔥 Us New Yorkers love you!

  • Karlee

    Omg i love Emma’s glasses around the @15:00 mark

  • K C
    K C

    McDonalds bacon, egg and cheese biscuit is pretty good, but my new favorite is Starbucks breakfast sandwiches.

  • Brynne Eide
    Brynne Eide

    6:28 your welcome <3 B))