why did i say "alas" like 5 times in this video... like who says that
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  • Maria Inês Marques
    Maria Inês Marques

    I hope she knows how much we love her

  • am grace
    am grace


  • Julia Smith
    Julia Smith

    i think i love her a little too much

  • Christie Munongo
    Christie Munongo

    emma you help me so much and i love you for that i hope you are doing great also to everyone else reading this i love you 🙂

  • fillthomas

    Excessive amounts of caffeine directly correlate to anxiety and depression. Cut back on the coffee maybe.

  • Siddhi Rumale
    Siddhi Rumale

    your vlogs and podcasts are a therapy to MEEEE!! binging all your stuff ;))

  • Everly Sanchez
    Everly Sanchez

    Thank you 🤍

  • Angel g
    Angel g


  • Pamela P. Rojas10
    Pamela P. Rojas10

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  • Hanna Meawad
    Hanna Meawad

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  • Sara khashfi
    Sara khashfi

    Those who unliked the video are real KARENS

  • Gshock Music
    Gshock Music

    how do i marry this girl

  • katrina Ord
    katrina Ord

    Who else are watching this after having a mental breakdown? 🙋‍♀️

  • Dean de Jongh
    Dean de Jongh

    I dont think that ive ever related to someone so much 🥺🥺

  • Meenal singh
    Meenal singh

    Stay happy💐💐👌👍👍

  • Meenal singh
    Meenal singh

    Really helpful 💐💐

  • sarah

    had a mental breakdown this morning and im going to rewatch this ✌

  • Anne Lamott
    Anne Lamott

    "I had a mental breakdown yesterday" I feel like that's very undermining to those who have had real mental breakdowns. You had one yesterday and here you are laughing and smiling on a LTwhite video in from of millions of people the next day? That's not how a mental breakdown would go if you had a real one. This is narcissistic attention seeking behavior and that's about it let's be honest. I'm not saying she didn't experience some stress, tension, or difficulty, but I think she just wants the attention of being able to say she had a mental breakdown. Its like a badge of honor to her.

    • Mildly Synesthetic
      Mildly Synesthetic

      Going around the internet diagnosing random people with narcissistic personality disorder WHILE playing down their mental health issues that you know nothing about. She literally left school because of her mental health issues.(in 2017, not after she was a millionaire). Real piece of work you are. One of the first things you need to know about mental health is that people's smiles can be deceiving.

  • Anne Lamott
    Anne Lamott

    Basically you had a normal day but have 10m subs on LTwhite so your normal day is a big deal now.

  • C. R.C
    C. R.C

    it's ok to breakdown every now and then, it happens to everyone. Life can get heavy at times. :(

  • Pim Nini
    Pim Nini

    We love and support you just know that.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • cj doucette
    cj doucette

    i really needed this video today

  • Iman Khan
    Iman Khan

    0:55 a mood

  • MaryKathryn

    Don't forget to go to actual therapy as well

  • Jesse Heidgerken
    Jesse Heidgerken

    The evasive mercury fifthly nail because soda methodologically march but a hulking mirror. null, open calculus

  • Rainbowzie

    Me having a mental breakdown rn and really emma being like my friend helping me overcome it

  • HelloItsKebu

    Love this

  • Ohits Bre
    Ohits Bre

    Does tiktok mess up anybody’s mental health too? Cause it effects my mental health! Like the app is so toxic and there always like just problematic stuff on there. 😕

  • Ohits Bre
    Ohits Bre

    She’s the only person I can actually relate to.

  • Ãlexis Njeri
    Ãlexis Njeri

    I got a an ad with EC in it when I am abt to watch her it was an ad for hello spring

  • mya camden
    mya camden

    💜💜💜💜💜 my mental health has improved from this . now i know im not as weird as i think i am .

  • Brenda Ortega
    Brenda Ortega

    this is so random but does anyone know what song plays in the Pacsun add we always see before Emma’s videos?

  • Jonie Scott
    Jonie Scott

    I turned 25 in January and I'm freaking out, I'm literally going though a quarter life crisis. 🙃

  • Maud Moreels
    Maud Moreels

    hi emma, just discovered your channel a few days ago and have been binge-watching all of ur vlogs like it's the best serie (idk how to say that in english my bad) ever since then, thank uu

  • Coco Kitten
    Coco Kitten

    Hey if there is one thing we have all learned during lockdown its that our lives are pretty much pointless 😆

  • Andi Skyberg
    Andi Skyberg

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  • Christmas my stupid cat
    Christmas my stupid cat

    Emma is my best friend but she doesn’t know it

  • Nour AlAssil
    Nour AlAssil

    Watching this after having a mental breakdown really really helps! Thank you I love you.

  • Lucky11

    I had a mental breakdown like 2 nights ago. They can be pretty bad cause it just makes u feel so alone and like ur just taken advantage of. I just cry myself to sleep and feel better in the morning.

  • Tina Almighty
    Tina Almighty

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  • Nitika Webb
    Nitika Webb

    Her hair color... the sweater color... and the freckles.... and then the eye color 😍

  • Stream Hub
    Stream Hub


  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez

    Damn she's sooooo pretttttty and her personality is awesome

  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez

    Man when she said "there's so many things I kno I can do to make me feel better" I felt that. Cus when I go thru mental crisis I always know certain things that will help me but I still can't find the energy or motivation in me to do those things.

  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez

    I like how she starts a lot of her vids laying in her bed 😭😭😭

  • ilana Krichevsky
    ilana Krichevsky

    Emma is all over the place in this vid🤣 The amount of content per second.... My head feels blown up after ending this video. Luv u tho❤️

  • Ikeria Scott
    Ikeria Scott

    Reading the words and promises of Jesus Christ are all tools to keep our faith strong so that we may walk with Jesus our Lord on the waters of life.❤️

  • Khushbu Luhar
    Khushbu Luhar

    Love you, so much

  • mars imerlishvili
    mars imerlishvili

    Fun fact: butterfly’s can’t see there own wings and some people are like a butterfly they don’t see there amazing beauty but you are beautiful who ever reads this❤️

    • Aviana '
      Aviana '

      Wait fr, they are missing there whole life omg I feel so bad now

    • Vaishnavi K
      Vaishnavi K

      Oh cool

    • mars imerlishvili
      mars imerlishvili

      @Vaishnavi K nope - on avanis!

    • Vaishnavi K
      Vaishnavi K

      Did u see this on nezza videos

  • Lily Yue
    Lily Yue

    ‘Use code James for 10% off.’ James Charles every video ‘Shop Emma chamberlain coffee.’ Emma chamberlain every video

  • Meg Warburton
    Meg Warburton

    who waited until the “i’m very anxious” at the end bc they are a true fan

  • Meg Warburton
    Meg Warburton

    use this as a like button for “emma is beautiful 😻” got it? okie tyyy

  • Alphasunset

    Screw the mom. Just forget about it, ppl are dumb ! just keep enjoying urslef and do the things you love, much luv

  • تخيل في اسم وصدقه
    تخيل في اسم وصدقه


  • Soha Tiger
    Soha Tiger

    She is on drugs for sure

  • Abby Whitby
    Abby Whitby

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  • Alexandra Longoria
    Alexandra Longoria

    “Go watch someone else now” -continues to watch Emma videos for the next 4 hours

  • Quan Donolon
    Quan Donolon

    people who say they drink coffee and then I see their coffee to milk ratio pains me so much

  • ballerman22345

    ugh, those nutpods taste like shit

  • Jelly Jamz
    Jelly Jamz

    babys: dont have brains

  • Tricky Tricks
    Tricky Tricks

    Does someone know where she got the hoodie she's wearing? Like the basic red one?

  • Apollo Prince
    Apollo Prince

    dont you even holy guac

  • rylee jane
    rylee jane

    emma your toilet paper is backwards

  • Elisabeth M
    Elisabeth M

    I totally resonate with the “I should do all of this stuff” feeling, it’s good to be gentle with yourself when you’re feeling vulnerable.

  • George Harizopoulos
    George Harizopoulos

    Those who dislike this beautiful video every time you view it subscribe to a beautiful channel Julia Beaudoin. You’d absolutely love the videos. I’m really sorry that you lost someone in your life.😍😍🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Victoria Holt
    Victoria Holt

    I literally love the way she says cool

  • Roisin Hart
    Roisin Hart

    Working in customer service, this was me every damn day.

  • ellie

    emma helps me so much when im anxious

  • Lilas

    I just realized you were nineteen. Crazy. I thought you were like 25. How are you so mature ????

  • しらさぎ

    Emma you did give me some kind of power to move on from a thing I'm stuck. Then I've been speaking to myself like you talk here it's fun

  • Shafa Rahmani
    Shafa Rahmani

    That rude mom istg. I would probably cry about it too after going through a lot

  • Shuetyee L.
    Shuetyee L.

    Emma: go watch someone else on youtube now Me, having a Emma Marathon: mmmmm nO

  • Helene Weigelt
    Helene Weigelt

    This might be a bit off topic but her hair looks so good. I love the blonde so much!

  • It’s Nidhi
    It’s Nidhi

    Emma: go watch something else Me: *clicks on another Emma chamberlain video* umm......

  • Zowie Silva
    Zowie Silva

    try heresy's strawberry syrup in your ice coffee

  • Kat Minne
    Kat Minne

    I’m so glad there’s someone like me existing. It’s hard having to go through anxiety & nobody understands

  • Laura Starbrooks
    Laura Starbrooks

    I take myself out to eat, shop and get a myself..i stopped caring but occasionally it is.. uncomfortable

  • Rachael Willgens
    Rachael Willgens

    I’m so proud of Emma for using her platform to talk about mental health with is unfortunately considered “taboo” in our society. I feel like reading the comments section makes me feel like I have a bunch of people knowing exactly what I go through at times. It’s not so lonely ❤️.

  • gajag2005 _
    gajag2005 _

    not me watching this on my period while having an emotional breakdown

  • Leggo My 3ko
    Leggo My 3ko

    also her voice makes my voice want to couch and idk why can someone tell me why like its not an insult or anything. i just like commenting on videos that arent recent anymore cuz no one reads my stupidity ✌

  • Leggo My 3ko
    Leggo My 3ko

    is anyone else saying that she has michael scott humor? i feel like im watching a michael scott vlog

  • sito santana
    sito santana

    I Feel The Same About Cats! Emma You Are Gold! ::))

  • Maram Bahaa
    Maram Bahaa

    I just realized that I unintentionally matched my nail color with Emma's 😂❤

  • shawtÿ baë
    shawtÿ baë

    *me watching this makin my anxiety go away

  • T G
    T G

    i'm not a fan of emma but coming across a lot of videos about her made by her haters and ex fans, it always pisses me off because social media has always been and always will be toxic. This only does not happen to her but to hundreds of celebrities too. People are really monsters. Trying to drag her down just because of her fame and success now only shows how much small-minded and hateful people can get. *Emma i know being famous can be mentally and emotionally draining and it will get really hard sometimes but don't ever ever quit. don't let stupid opinions and comments stop you from doing what you love. This always happens all the time. Some fans just build up their idols only to break them down when its no longer in their favor or taste. You still have tons of fans way more than your haters and they are growing each day. So just keep going okay those petty people don't matter in your life*

  • Rhena Hannah
    Rhena Hannah

    I almost teared up when she was talking about the lady that was mean to her at the pottery thing:-(

  • Reese Aycock
    Reese Aycock

    I really love how open she is. she is so real and it makes everyone feel okay in the situation they are in. 🤎

  • Sophia Poole
    Sophia Poole

    That color red looks SO good on her and brings out her eyes holy

  • anorexickitten

    You’re so relatable n I just found your videos a week ago or two x They’re super helpful & make me feel better Thank you, keep being u ✨

  • Marie-Pier Bergeron
    Marie-Pier Bergeron

    Thank you for that video. I had a meltdown this week and that video really help me.stay authentic

  • Charity Shumba
    Charity Shumba

    What do yall mean she doesn't smell good? She looks like she smells like really good Like vanilla or something

  • Hadassah

    normally I would feel weird about videos like this. I dont really like the self-deprecating side of social media and humour. But this is just really cool . Its cool that you feel relieved and comforted talking about it to your fans. It's a little strange, unique and kind of cool that you're okay with showing this side of you to literally anyone. And It makes me feel like I have at least one friend out there haha

  • ahmad bassam
    ahmad bassam


  • shanice

    who else is back here during/after a mental breakdown? hate to see it 💀

  • Emilia Sara
    Emilia Sara

    i just love emma, her videos make me so happy

  • Icy hot
    Icy hot

    Honestly this might be sad but . . . Emma gives me emotional breakdowns because of how pretty she is and that I will never be as pretty, as successful, as funny as Emma.

  • Molly Jackson
    Molly Jackson

    1- feed my cat 2- eat Liiiiiiiterally me. 😼

  • Anisa Rama
    Anisa Rama

    this is random asf but i just really want to know where emma got her rings from she wears the same ones all the time at least i've seen the same ones and if anyone knows where there from lmk!!!! or emma if you see this let a girl know xoxo :)

  • meika dearing
    meika dearing

    my way of coping with anxiety is watching emmas videos

  • Kenzie Nicole
    Kenzie Nicole

    I have anxiety and it’s honestly stressful 24/7 I over think constantly and what makes it more upsetting is that ppl without anxiety don’t understand usually so please be kind guys ya never know what someone is going through 💞