ROADTRIP TO SF *i cried*
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  • Victor Lui
    Victor Lui


  • Megan Lemons
    Megan Lemons

    I like how she popped in how much she likes Rhett and Link.(:

  • Brighter Tomorrows
    Brighter Tomorrows

    Honey girl

  • Kay Ashanti
    Kay Ashanti

    you're me without my adhd medication, but after watching your videos im gonna stop taking them now. thanks emma

  • Kaila Harris
    Kaila Harris

    Anybody in the 805 area of California??

  • Yara Alqahtani
    Yara Alqahtani

    the love that i have for this girl is fucking crazy!

  • Latesha Presley
    Latesha Presley

    The upbeat chest unpredictably occur because layer expectedly slip unlike a vacuous gore-tex. innate, burly honey

  • kiila grant-pereira
    kiila grant-pereira

    going back to school on I am really gonna fuckin miss quarantine

  • alamin89ariful mejan
    alamin89ariful mejan

    The silent hammer arguably reign because jute additionaly empty pro a demonic record. obtainable, foolish stream

  • amber

    Hollywood fix are the most annoying mfs😭

  • Liz Gutierrez
    Liz Gutierrez

    You literally stopped in Ventura, my home 👏🏼 for your morning poop 🙌🏽

  • Meggie Driscoll
    Meggie Driscoll

    What song is playing in the beginning of this video????

  • Meggie Driscoll
    Meggie Driscoll

    What’s the song she uses for the beginning of every video???

  • YYTheShiningGamer


  • Аружан Джанабаева
    Аружан Джанабаева

    i wanna buy your coffee

  • Vivian Urias
    Vivian Urias

    Just sending you love cause I feel like you need it 🙂🧚🏻💚

  • Lwande Lesoma
    Lwande Lesoma

    Emma makes me feel normal thou like pooping,periods, depression and mental breakdowns I love her

  • Erin


  • Ikeria Scott
    Ikeria Scott

    Reading the words and promises of Jesus Christ are all tools to keep our faith strong so that we may walk with Jesus our Lord on the waters of life.❤️

  • Rebecca Zacaroli
    Rebecca Zacaroli

    her dad is such a dilf

  • NothingBurger

    I am 65 years old. You crack me up. Your parents are so lucky to have you but they must be exhausted. lol

  • mmakgotso Nganga
    mmakgotso Nganga

    I just discovered this channel... I think you need to visit other places out of the US... It will show you how others live and it will motivate you to just deal with your anxieties. There is more out there

  • chris porter
    chris porter

    aww emma dont cry lol hehe aww

  • suzenkhan

    I am still seeing this video and i felt that its necessary to comment that She's adorable, like she is the best ,coolest, and craziest person i know .

  • Samiroxs

    y'all I really like her hoodie, where do i find a cute dupe haha

  • xcacoethes

    my blue ones give me an allergic reaction as well it’s so annoying

  • Andrea Ortiz
    Andrea Ortiz

    What’s the song in your pacsunn collab promo vid😭😭

  • taechuuv

    drop the hoodie link 4:54

  • Anony Mouse
    Anony Mouse

    Lowe’s is the best place to poop! It’s mostly frequented by men so the ladies bathrooms are pretty dam clean. Thank you Lowe’s for being my choice poop spot when traveling! 🤣😜❤️

  • Cr3azyxGirls

    Her mom is the sweetest most American woman ever and its the best

  • Daad Alrawashdeh
    Daad Alrawashdeh

    DeLuXe AiR FrYEr

  • Energy&Healing

    Not pooping on safe ground is the scariest thing

  • Laura Halliday
    Laura Halliday

    What does she do with the cats though? 😅

  • kookbook

    i am so worried about emma having one leg propped up while driving. Like at 13:21 is that her knee against the door?? :(

  • izzy world
    izzy world

    I have more stupid

    • izzy world
      izzy world

      Mask in my house and car then you

  • Paige Lee
    Paige Lee

    Emma makes me feel so comfortable and I don’t know why I don’t even know her but she makes me feel so comfortable

  • If you are bored
    If you are bored

    Hi guysss

  • YouObviously LoveOreos
    YouObviously LoveOreos

    I'm sorry if this was already answered before but are Emma's parents divorced?

  • Anuja Abhyankar_6
    Anuja Abhyankar_6

    18:38 She low key looks like a drummer lol

  • Sue Bileg
    Sue Bileg


  • Pep si
    Pep si

    can someone tell me form where she got the hoodie??

  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang

    The literate tulip thoracically march because dragonfly generally crack besides a eatable joseph. abortive, entertaining lunchroom

  • Ldm waleed
    Ldm waleed

    Emma: I care about people so much that I cry about it, it’s so weird Me: girl it’s not just some people find it weird and I know how that feels

  • april h
    april h

    i had an Emma ad before this!

  • M K
    M K

    Wait does her mom live with her now?? or like in LA?? I haven't watched her videos in a while

  • Douglas Volinsky
    Douglas Volinsky

    your issues are delish-YOU-ous

  • Emily Gonzales
    Emily Gonzales

    What’s the brand of the green mask

  • Molly Grace
    Molly Grace

    i love your vidoes so much ahhhh

  • Madi Hood
    Madi Hood

    Pls post

  • Alison Wells
    Alison Wells

    when she pushed the glasses to her face I LOST IT BAHAHAHA

  • claira

    no one is talking abt now much her dad is just a literal legend-

  • mariah love
    mariah love

    OK so I left like a year ago and I came back and she still the same person.... she literally has an addiction to coffee funny as hell and depressed...should I be worried lol

  • melanies cafe !
    melanies cafe !

    Why am I watching this now-

  • purple sunflower
    purple sunflower


  • Daisy Allan
    Daisy Allan

    Ok but where do the cats go

  • Rita S
    Rita S

    I literally just got an add that Emma was in ...

  • Jack Sharp
    Jack Sharp

    LMAO 15:09

  • Bluena WOLF
    Bluena WOLF

    I think she needs to move back to SF lol like LA is making her so depressed

  • Julianna Ritson
    Julianna Ritson

    Emma. You don’t like LA. That’s OK. Move where you want we will still love you. ❤️

  • Sophie G
    Sophie G

    the struggle of being a woman "do i wanna poop or is it just a period cramp" lol

  • Trippi Addi
    Trippi Addi

    “ItS sO bUeTIfUl” - Emma

    • Maisie


  • call it what you want
    call it what you want


  • Cameron Post
    Cameron Post

    not me watching this and realizing i literally live 30 seconds away from the exact lowe’s she was at...

  • Adelaide Powter
    Adelaide Powter

    people are constantly laughing at me cause i fart all the time now i can just say that im like u ;)))

  • Hilda Griffith
    Hilda Griffith

    The certain tortellini terminally hope because sundial adventitiously enter outside a plain parade. striped, mere children

  • Nour Bouzoumita
    Nour Bouzoumita

    I always wonder how does she drive with one leg up ? I mean you can see her knee ? How ? Anyone explain

  • Kaylee Thornhill
    Kaylee Thornhill

    I love Emma's personality she's just an awesome person

  • Niamh Pinder
    Niamh Pinder

    currently on a emma chamberlain marathon

  • Darlene Sanchez
    Darlene Sanchez


  • Rachelperry74

    Why does everyone famous live in LA, move to Missouri. We can take you on 4 wheeler rides and you can wear your boots everyday.

  • Parnaz

    Emma is helping me get through my own depressive episode. I'm not even kidding. I have a really hard time being alone and seeing her do normal day to day stuff alone makes me feel more at ease with my own loneliness.

  • Lana Baxter
    Lana Baxter

    anyone know the song played during the first intro???

  • boonegrl1

    Feel ya on the social anxiety/judgment issue. Had it b4 quarantine...but way worse now. Ppl in a strange angry judgmental place. My worst self enemy...trying to overcome caring what others think

  • boonegrl1

    I'm allergic to the blue masks too...break out/rash/tiny particles like asbestos-ish micro glass shards? R we crazy? But u saying they irritate u confirmed I'm not imagining it. Also bathroom covid closure crisis....I'm in Cali too!

  • Maryam Elbaroudy
    Maryam Elbaroudy

    “I’m literally so excited to get to my dads house because he has a drumset” and here folks is where the addiction started.

    • Jana Younes
      Jana Younes

      Oh yeah

    • idk coversss
      idk coversss


  • Abigail Wake
    Abigail Wake

    i was just crying and i went straight emma’s channel for happiness..... thx emma for the support

  • Emily Navarro
    Emily Navarro

    i feel like LA is draining her, but keep your head up emma you got this💕.

  • chevonne parker
    chevonne parker

    where do you shop for your hoodies 🌺♥️

  • Boni Lrza
    Boni Lrza

    Since Emma's an only child I just know her parents were cool.

  • Jayda Cassanova
    Jayda Cassanova


  • Addie Skye
    Addie Skye

    writing is not that easy, so thats why grammarly can help

  • Zoë Rose Hamilton
    Zoë Rose Hamilton

    tell me why that fart sound effect tricked me into thinking i farted but didn't feel it

  • Lisa Meier
    Lisa Meier

    You don’t know how much you inspire me and help me with my anxiety

  • Nat Hencinski
    Nat Hencinski

    I love when she be’s herself. No one is perfect

  • cait prince
    cait prince

    Honestly the at home coffee recipes just hit different.

  • Alexis Kirby
    Alexis Kirby

    Hey Emma! I don't wanna be weird but I love how relatable your mini struggles makes you somehow more relatable

  • Tess Cundiff
    Tess Cundiff

    You should move girl be in a place that makes you HAPPY

  • Zara Zarif
    Zara Zarif

    Did anyone else subscribe to her because of this? 13:40

  • Jaylen Del Valle
    Jaylen Del Valle

    Hi I’m here to tell you the amount of caffeine you drink increases your anxiety which is why you have so many breakdowns which isn’t helpful cause you have adhd so switch to Gatorade cause health energy but beware the electrolytes are good for you but to much can make you gain weight so cardio love you

    • Jaylen Del Valle
      Jaylen Del Valle

      I really hopes you see this I’m trying to save you from stressing yourself out to much cause I just came out of the hospital for this reason

  • Sophie withlovee
    Sophie withlovee

    I had a tongue fase aswell 🤐 so annoying 😂 but whatever

  • noah

    me and u emma is just so similar. its crazy. and no i dont mean in appereance.

  • Mikayla Watson
    Mikayla Watson

    I wonder what would happen to emma if instead of coffee, she just had water for a day....omg tragic. A week? impossible

    • Mikayla Watson
      Mikayla Watson

      also i love emma im not being sarcastic im just genuinely curious lmao

  • B A H
    B A H



    Thats a loud ass v8 sound like a audi RS6 3:45

  • Isawthe Sign
    Isawthe Sign

    I'm allergic to the blue ones too. It sucks

  • Yemima Hutapea
    Yemima Hutapea

    When she shows how she swallows her burp, I can't stop laughing 😂

  • Haylee Moore
    Haylee Moore

    emma please buy a menstrual cup and save yourself

  • Chrissy.-.

    she makes me feel ok to be insecure 🥲

  • Hajnalka Héty
    Hajnalka Héty

    watching your videos feel like watching a friend

  • Cora Howe
    Cora Howe

    she says the funniest shit lmfaooo