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  • Paulina Rivera
    Paulina Rivera

    sad fact... Emma is like the lonely grandma that has like 1000000 cats [just kidding]

  • Mark

    God I wish she'd stop belching like that.

  • Miriam Hana Badi
    Miriam Hana Badi

    N n. M

  • Bianca Francois
    Bianca Francois

    Yes drummer Emma 🤘🏾

  • Tammy

    when emma said Alexa my alexa turned on and actually set a timer 😭😭

  • milk

    I love the forhead kisses like its literally the highlight of my day

  • Adrianna Milivojevic
    Adrianna Milivojevic

    Omg that little high-pitched "fAaCk" at 20:21 was hilarious but cute at the same time- wow Emma

  • TheMom WithTheThroatTattoo
    TheMom WithTheThroatTattoo

    Watching Emma, as comes on, it’s also Emma 🤣

  • Vera Janney
    Vera Janney

    I love u Emma

  • sleep & roblox addict.
    sleep & roblox addict.

    why do i feel like im learning to be an adult by watching emmas videos?

  • marija el smolcato
    marija el smolcato

    wow i just love u

  • Nadya Rosenstein
    Nadya Rosenstein

    DUDE YOU'RE SO HACKIN FUNNY ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY! you remind me of myself but your like waaaay cooler haha #KeepBeingYouBoo 😄🥰🙏

  • Melike Bulut
    Melike Bulut

    why's no one talking about why she has breakdowns frequently? like are we ignoring the reason?🤔

  • sydney kilgore
    sydney kilgore

    I love to watch her cats walk around while she is screaming like its their normal life :))))

  • Huia Kepa
    Huia Kepa

    Anyone else put their forehead up to their phone when she gives a forehead kiss and immediately feel better? 🤣🥺

  • Pixel_Charm

    my crush on you just skyrocketed. I love you *uhmhm* .... i didn't say that

  • Allison Killion
    Allison Killion

    why do you never swim in your pool

  • Lexis Rogers
    Lexis Rogers

    emma be setting my timer on my alexa 😅😂

  • Iris Van der veer
    Iris Van der veer

    3:50-4:20 i only watched the cat

  • Amy H
    Amy H

    Your cats in the back ground 😼

  • Sara D.
    Sara D.

    emma I will buy that mason jar drawing

  • kayla_keil

    i been wanted the shoes she got omggg

  • Heidi

    Breakfast food is literally propaganda, go eat some soup for breakfast no one can stop you

  • Mariano

    Yeah, Like The Drum Beat.

  • Lwande Lesoma
    Lwande Lesoma

    Does emma ever watch tv

  • belen araya
    belen araya

    Breakfast in Chile is bread with butter and tea 100% of the time

  • KAP Kels
    KAP Kels

    the add i got before your video started playing had you in it

  • Katrina Getsfried
    Katrina Getsfried

    ok but why is the goat website like glitching when I clicked her link. man I really wanted those shoes

  • Abiah Gentry
    Abiah Gentry

    can we just appreciate this drumming masterpiece Emma has shared today? Like it's honestly therepudic!

  • Arya Gotarne
    Arya Gotarne

    Why is it always that instead of watching emma i watch her cats😥

  • Ashtyn Hodge
    Ashtyn Hodge

    i just wanna play the drums w emma one time

  • Katlyn Capelle
    Katlyn Capelle

    EMMA, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT WHEN YOU PLAY THE DRUMS thank you for wholesome drum content

  • Brief-Case

    1:55 that’s what she said

  • Alva Gustafsson
    Alva Gustafsson

    Emma you should try shifting, highly recommend

  • Mark Parkey
    Mark Parkey

    -(EMMA , you have changed since you started drumming in your videos, around Christmas at DADS you started drum beats that are FIRE, love to see you do them, right now you have broke 10 million subs btw, hey, you are a cool drummer, I hope to see you in an all girl band , You have immense creativity in variable forms of energy, playing drums helps expend that bursting point energy. You are great before you start drumming, and even Greater after you start drumming, 7:25 a forehead kiss back to you 💋 )-

  • Mark Parkey
    Mark Parkey

    -(emma, rewatch your vids often , 6:45 was good for all the fans)-

  • Sydney Ernst
    Sydney Ernst

    I like how she just has all of her cameras set up on the TV casually right in the kitchen

  • Sugarplum87

    seriously in love with this entire video 😂♥️

  • Hari Ram
    Hari Ram

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  • Daniella

    i love her

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    MSC Gaming Pro

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  • Madison McMillan
    Madison McMillan


  • Susan Babcock
    Susan Babcock

    Emma is that a hickie.? lol :)

  • emma guerra
    emma guerra

    emma u made my alexa go off

  • Black d kolla
    Black d kolla

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  • Khloe_ish

    Why does Emma remind me of That boy Chalamet 🤷‍♀️

  • Katie B
    Katie B

    Haha 😂😂 I absolutely friggin love you! Your sense of humour is fantastic. It’s 2.20pm in uk 🇬🇧 and lay in bed watching loads of your videos. Love the little drum clips too. Your an awesome person wish I knew you x

  • Melidsa Lopez
    Melidsa Lopez

    If 1600 people didn't like this vid, why not just move on???

  • TACliketictacs

    I know Emma won’t see this, BUT since Emma brought up drawing, I’m telling you Emma if you don’t end up liking this idea it’s totally ok cause everyone’s different, but literally go on Pinterest and whatever you’re feeling photo wise, try recreating the painting you like and actually try to make it look the exact same. It sounds boring and just like “oh painting so fun 😐” but seriously I had horrible anxiety and health and everytime I spent time painting and listening to music and sometimes talking to myself it felt very calm and I would spend my time where I had nothing to do, sometimes even 7 hours, just peacefully painting and it made me feel very productive :) anyways hope you see this and try it out to see how you feel! ILY

  • Radhika

    she has so many posca pens... They're expensive as hell

  • Radhika

    im angry that i forgot to watch Emma's videos the moment she posts it. Emma, are you doing okay? The mental breakdowns you're having are veryyyy frequent. Please, talk to someone about this if you haven't already :)

  • Sabrina Quant
    Sabrina Quant

    Can't wait to hear an entire song on drums

  • Hallo Friend
    Hallo Friend

    Am I the only one that loves when Emma plays drums out of nowhere in the video if it makes sense lolz

  • Queen Lisa
    Queen Lisa

    Do you have a twin???????

  • Madison Didham
    Madison Didham

    The married ink reportedly spoil because custard resultspreviously discover beyond a wrong product. learned, faithful pheasant

  • Paul Ovens
    Paul Ovens

    4.1 million people have wasted their time watching this fucks happening to the world

  • get brinks
    get brinks

    The legal worm electrophysiologically concentrate because august philosophically hook toward a helpful mailman. fortunate, bad gas

  • Tay MJ White
    Tay MJ White

    Ok but did anyone actually pause the video and go take a shower or was that just me..?😂

  • Anna Hannah
    Anna Hannah

    Emma’s dad sending her something to learn on the drums to calm her down has to be one of the most wholesome things I’ve ever heard.

  • Mariam El Alaoui
    Mariam El Alaoui

    "I burned my sausages which means I did a good job" my mood recently

  • karlz forever
    karlz forever

    Everytime i watch Emma’s vids i just feel like Im FaceTiming with my bestie... and i love it XD

  • dakota dunn
    dakota dunn

    I have the same air fryer/toaster

  • gravy !!!
    gravy !!!

    ily emma

  • Sylvie Walker
    Sylvie Walker

    i am exactly like emma i look like Sh** and there is nothing to do

  • Sylvie Walker
    Sylvie Walker

    2:51 i am not joking i am only 10 yrs old

  • Ikeria Scott
    Ikeria Scott

    Reading the words and promises of Jesus Christ are all tools to keep our faith strong so that we may walk with Jesus our Lord on the waters of life.❤️

  • Shana Barger
    Shana Barger

    I love watching ya drum girl. You're so cute

  • Hana germar
    Hana germar

    Me & my forehead: 😍❤

  • •_•

    Love your editing style

  • Ricki Olson
    Ricki Olson

    I can relate to you in so many ways....

  • Allexis Estanislao
    Allexis Estanislao

    She is the most genuine vlogger I know. Like everything she do is so relatable and it makes me feel less lonely and unproductive and everything. I freaking love you like my bestie FR!!

  • Klarita Acevedo
    Klarita Acevedo

    how are u so funny

  • Raina Pawloski
    Raina Pawloski

    i haven’t watched emma in a couple years and i just binged all her videos again bc i love her chill vibe she makes me feel so comforted

  • Tbone The G
    Tbone The G

    Tboned 😎

  • Vale B
    Vale B

    My Alexa setted up her timer...

  • Giada Germano
    Giada Germano

    it's just so weird to me that i'm italian and i have like milk and cookies for breakfast and everything is so sweet, but you in america are like EgGs AnD bEaCoN. i think that i'm not ready yet to eat so salty things at brakfast lol.

    • sleep paralysis
      sleep paralysis

      i’m italian too and i totally agree lol i eat nutella literally every morning

  • Sort of Sustainable
    Sort of Sustainable

    Who’s ready for Emma to hit 10mil

  • Daniel Wells
    Daniel Wells

    Emma u just set a timer on my Alexa

  • kammi barry
    kammi barry

    i love when she plays the drums

  • Hannah Pezzo
    Hannah Pezzo

    Your Dad is super nice!

  • Ava Volgs
    Ava Volgs

    Bro before the vid started there was an ad and she was in it

  • Mariana Salinas
    Mariana Salinas

    Emma, you are my comfort youtuber... and my favorite. I can watch your videos all day.

  • Crystal Cardenas
    Crystal Cardenas

    Did Emma trigger anyone else’s Alexa 😂

  • Madelynn Ilko
    Madelynn Ilko

    While watching her vids I feel like I am on FaceTime with her 🤣

  • Usama rafieck
    Usama rafieck

    make some food for me because I'm hungry.

  • Victoria Holt
    Victoria Holt

    emma cooking eggs: give me a second this is really intense

  • Nevena Beckwith
    Nevena Beckwith

    Emma not knowing life me 12 o mom so this is what life is like when ur older Mom No

  • Maba 05
    Maba 05

    Those forehead kisses literally keeps me alive

  • Yves Salomon
    Yves Salomon

    From:Yves She look good brunette & plus blonde

  • Alannah Kelleghan
    Alannah Kelleghan

    “HEYYY my tortillas are moldy what do I do” Emma chamberlain- 2021

  • Lauren M. Myers
    Lauren M. Myers

    “I hate being roommates with myself” -Emma Chamberlain Quote of the year 2021

  • Aysya

    The spinning avocados made me laugh LMAO

  • gabriela garcia
    gabriela garcia

    emma’s parents are amazing

  • Lethabo Ngoye
    Lethabo Ngoye

    Emma is just confused what to do

  • Livi Mora
    Livi Mora

    The abaft quality demographically subtract because editor lovely lie circa a grateful gratis shock. rustic, erratic bike

  • Harlow Board
    Harlow Board

    Me when you said you touch your cats:😶🤨

  • Lynzie K
    Lynzie K

    Rec- ipe... Recipe

  • Robert Dilley
    Robert Dilley

    Omh I want a real one 😉

  • M O R G A N
    M O R G A N

    emma is therapy

  • Ashley Rieger
    Ashley Rieger

    emma randomly throughout the video.. "i also have indigestion" hahaha