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  • Jelynnn

    YOU SHOULD MOVE TO NEW YORK :> thats literally also my dream to move to new york when im older :))

  • chlo

    atleast i'm not the only one who takes photos of everything that they eat

  • diana aparicio
    diana aparicio

    You cant move because then I wont be able to have the hope of walking around LA and hoping to see you 😭

  • Angie

    you should definitly take a few of your frineds and move to newyork its where youre happy so why not stay

  • Alina Shulga
    Alina Shulga

    If u wanna move to NY... That’s always GOOD idea !

  • Ada Altay
    Ada Altay

    you look so happy we love and supprot u

  • SK Zim
    SK Zim

    i fr got an emma ad while watching an emma video BAHAHAHAH update: twice

  • Jessica Li
    Jessica Li

    Emma pls I’m lactose and there’s pills that give u the good good enzyme to break down the dairy u don’t have to suffer in pain anymore, I just pop a lil Lactaid™️ anytime I wanna sin and be a bad lactose

  • Angie


  • Ashley v
    Ashley v

    I’m so confused what normal person changes outfits that much...... like they just kept coming

  • Kenzie Mae
    Kenzie Mae

    New Emma unlocked : New York Emma :))

  • TheYTMaster

    Girllllllllll, come hang out with meeeeee

  • JJ

    Dude 50f in the UK is 10 degrees and that's fucking amazing weather

  • Kathryn Menoche
    Kathryn Menoche

    You should totally watch the social dilemma

  • Xochyl Mejia
    Xochyl Mejia

    Anyone know what’s the app that she used to eliminate things off her photos?

  • Emma-Elizabeth

    emma move to new york.

  • Toots

    I think you should sublet something for a few months. Vlog and do videos for LTwhite. THEN make a decision on whether to move there. For many people, NYC seems great while visiting, but long term it’s not so wonderful. Let NYC be your “getaway” special place. 💖

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    she is the most entertaining person on the face of the earth. anything she does. seriously shes never boring idk how she does it

  • s s
    s s

    lol that what i do in cities when i traveled across America, walk and coffee and sun. my last stop is california i can personally say California traffic is the worst.

  • Lidia Stone
    Lidia Stone

    I love this woman. The "jeeejjeeejeee" 2:45 lol

  • Mary Mary
    Mary Mary

    The watery twine contrastingly surround because tomato lamentably copy unlike a chemical bank. versed, shallow cloud

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      Tbh... airco and heating pad is just the best combo ever.. 😂

  • ¿¿¿

    hot chai tea lattes have saved my life

  • Brooklyn Cardin
    Brooklyn Cardin

    girl WHY are you still covering the dark circles?? this is your time to shine

  • Maria Huerta
    Maria Huerta

    My goodness don’t use google maps! Use CityMapper app for getting around 🤍

  • Alexa Cunniff
    Alexa Cunniff

    i love how at the end she was like “comment something to make me not move to ny” when she already knows the comment section is going to be filled with reasons why she should move there

  • Raquelle Barbie
    Raquelle Barbie

    no emma you should move to nyc 🙄🙄

  • Stephanie Gomez
    Stephanie Gomez

    New Yorker here! NY is cold in the winter. smelly in the summer and the weather isn't as nice as LA. can't wait to move out of NY

    • yes no maybe
      yes no maybe

      b..b..but.. pizza 😩

  • R3kt- Oran
    R3kt- Oran

    this is how we know Emma is straight, she really said : I'm not getting an iced coffee (Its a joke yall Ily Babes

  • Oscar Brose
    Oscar Brose

    Buy a vacation home in NYC

  • Lena Odeh
    Lena Odeh

    Everything about the video was so beautiful. It calmed me down, enjoyed it so much. Stay safe:)

  • 71 Aditi Singh
    71 Aditi Singh

    It's my dream to move to New York❤

  • July Michel
    July Michel

    love the energy

  • Alisha Diamond
    Alisha Diamond

    i love when emma’s happy, u can rly tell NYC does that for her!!

  • Cecilia Yu huang
    Cecilia Yu huang

    i love u'


    what a coincidence, I had a pacsun ad with you in it 😭

  • Femke Visser
    Femke Visser

    Tbh... airco and heating pad is just the best combo ever.. 😂

  • Hudaa Serbeyy
    Hudaa Serbeyy

    it hurts me to see that shes happier in a city she doesnt live in cz really all she deserves is to be happy

  • Hudaa Serbeyy
    Hudaa Serbeyy

    what concealer does she use

  • Official Lazy Company
    Official Lazy Company

    even not alien but something illegal.

  • Sarah Napoli
    Sarah Napoli

    One day we are going to click on YT to see Emma’s video title saying “I MOVED TO NEW YORK”

  • la Mar ya Luce Suave
    la Mar ya Luce Suave

    Where are the beenieeees from?

  • janella lugo
    janella lugo

    Honestly wish I seen you your my favorite LTwhiter😍😍

  • Anna

    As a Canadian, I laugh in maple syrup at the beginning😂

  • Georgia Atlanta
    Georgia Atlanta

    NorCal ppl are used to cold weather SoCal ppl are used to hotter weather

  • Ariana Arken
    Ariana Arken

    move to new york please

  • Caleb Coates
    Caleb Coates

    anybody else love seeing emma’s pacsun commercial it makes me so happy

  • Ina’ Lanoami
    Ina’ Lanoami

    move to new york.

  • FishingtheSkyxd

    is this the video that's gonna get me into following the notorious emma chamberlain

  • Giuls

    Girl. One of your ads is literally you!!! So during the ad break. It was still u😂💞

  • lili muniz
    lili muniz

    I'm glad you had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aline angela
    aline angela

    The unbiased relation scilly punch because colombia concurringly confess since a afraid cause. evanescent, puzzled giraffe

  • grandefq

    okay honestly i just found her channel and started watching her videos and it’s so surprising how much i relate to her LIKE BRO I LOVE HER ALREADY

  • Mariana Sosa
    Mariana Sosa

    Omg New York Emma is a such happy I- we love itt🪐✨

  • kali gopaul
    kali gopaul

    Move to New York u are so happy in New York

  • Doria Fredrickson
    Doria Fredrickson

    You should get a studio in NYC to visit. So live in two places?🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Meraki

    This is definitely one of my fav vids of your's. You seemed like you were genuinely having so much fun!! You also just seemed so much happier. I loved this lol

  • Pet_tula Rhodes
    Pet_tula Rhodes

    Buy an apartment in new york and fly between both

  • Pet_tula Rhodes
    Pet_tula Rhodes

    You let the mascara dry when you misshap a min then it should brush off with a dry spoolie

  • Oliviana

    Im honoured at the fact that I might have the same puffer jacket as Emma does

  • Olenka Ballena
    Olenka Ballena

    bestie please move to nyc, I promise you won't hate it

  • Kayla Kelly
    Kayla Kelly

    You shouldn't move to new york cause you should actually move to Chicago

  • Ellie Mehling
    Ellie Mehling

    I live in ny and it was 70 today and I was wearing shorts and a cropped cami

  • Carmen Key
    Carmen Key

    Emma, just move to new york.

  • Katie Burke
    Katie Burke


  • Jayden Trevino
    Jayden Trevino


  • lyndsey collins
    lyndsey collins

    me from michigan when its 55 in april: *denim shorts*

  • Sami V.
    Sami V.

    You would be far from your parents

  • Danielle F
    Danielle F

    Emma maybe get an Airbnb for a few months and see how you like it in nyc? That could be a way to try before you buy! Highly recommend nyc I hope you come here eventually!

  • Ana Lopes
    Ana Lopes

    it’s so gooood see you having fun and been happy 🥰

  • mckenzie r
    mckenzie r

    pov: everything you watch any of emma’s videos, you get ads with emma in them; if that makes sense 😀

  • megan tyler
    megan tyler

    Cause RATs 🐀

  • kyleigh rilynn
    kyleigh rilynn

    I got an ad with her in it before the video💀

  • Hope T
    Hope T this video and this solo trip. Next time, make sure you go to a musical. Doing this solo once in your life is necessary. P.S...I can get lost in this city too.

  • C W
    C W

    Wow-the positive self talk in this video is overwhelming 😐 what a role model for young people 🥴

    • Carmen Key
      Carmen Key

      You reaching

  • Hope T
    Hope T

    One of my most favorite city’s in the world. I love you, NYC!!!!

  • Videostartutorials


  • Emily Holleran
    Emily Holleran

    Girl, go on more trips! ✨❤️

  • Ruby Grace Nicholson
    Ruby Grace Nicholson

    She needs merch! Saying "I know what your thinking" !!!!! NOT JOKING I WOULD BUY IT

  • Cameryn Helsdingen-2023
    Cameryn Helsdingen-2023


  • Totallyspies 95
    Totallyspies 95

    MOVE PUT TO NYC GIRL. You LOOOOVE New York, you look so much happier there. It's just .... You gotta move Emma

  • B C
    B C

    Walking is good! JUST DO IT!! 👍✌😝

  • Soid Studios NY
    Soid Studios NY

    You can get vegan bagels with vegan cream cheese 🗽 reason #1million why I love NY

  • Life with4piggies
    Life with4piggies

    Emma is a lot happier in nyc than she is in LA lol I think she should move there😼

  • Mack Budd
    Mack Budd

    Can you please move out of LA,......

    • Mack Budd
      Mack Budd

      One reason not to move to NYC: you wouldn't understand why you didn't do it sooner

  • Chloe Wozny
    Chloe Wozny

    emma don’t move to nyc it’s COLD and also dirty and scary and gross. u only like it bc ur on vacation

  • Jamie Campbell
    Jamie Campbell

    Why is it a bad idea to move there??

  • Jamie Campbell
    Jamie Campbell

    Emma you fit so good in New York!! I feel like you seem so much happier there!! Stop talking yourself out of it

  • Elizabeth Fowler
    Elizabeth Fowler

    you need to try double zero for vegan pizza!!!!

  • Ailani Villegas
    Ailani Villegas

    The fact that she had a lot of coffee ☕️

  • Elizabeth Fowler
    Elizabeth Fowler

    love it!!!!! nyc >>>>

  • Gabbystar productions
    Gabbystar productions

    Not Emma having an ad with herself before her video

  • Ailani Villegas
    Ailani Villegas

    Emma, is there a lot of traffic over there and is it annoying?

  • Jenna Babick
    Jenna Babick

    You should move to a small rural area

  • Kallyn

    going to get a bagel w/ vegan cream cheese now that sounds so fire.

  • Elena Caruso
    Elena Caruso

    Move to NYC for your mental health... seriously do it 👍

  • syd elizabeth
    syd elizabeth

    one reason. i am going to LA for summer for a week and i plan to search the streets for u

  • Chloe Lorenzo
    Chloe Lorenzo

    Idek why I loved this so freaking much lol

  • Aria Bernard
    Aria Bernard

    she’s so cute

  • Mercedes V
    Mercedes V

    you should not move to new york because of the high violent crime rate and you should move to Florida because it is much cheaper than new york and LA and it has great theme parks

  • Yensly Castellanos
    Yensly Castellanos

    Living in New York is great I love it here