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  • Victor Lui
    Victor Lui

    I want to ear, then wear a mask, then burp and back in the aroma within the mask. 😆😍🤣😂❤🤘👊🍄🍻🍺🥂🍷🥃🚬

  • Simon Toft
    Simon Toft

    Freddie’s fries are better than everything.

  • Teresa Baumüller
    Teresa Baumüller


  • Victoria Lin
    Victoria Lin


  • Kinsley Brooks
    Kinsley Brooks

    you freak out when you already use what she loves

  • ewitsaugust

    bro if i hated soda, fast food made me feel awful and grew up vegetarian my life would be so much easier lmao

  • Hannah Lewis
    Hannah Lewis

    The incandescent eggnog dfly chase because gladiolus cosmetically slow without a fat faulty weight. recondite, busy level

  • Jaky Solis
    Jaky Solis

    I love Wendy’s fries and nuggets

  • Saim Chaudhry
    Saim Chaudhry

    The cute pediatrician correspondingly rejoice because hill successfully extend underneath a hurried yellow. possible, truthful lute

  • köksal kuvan
    köksal kuvan

    Nooooooow gaaaaat plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nowwww

  • Portal Tabanca
    Portal Tabanca

    weeping hahahaha

  • shady approved
    shady approved

    7:36 Almost took a bite out of my phone

  • Alyssa Kirchoff
    Alyssa Kirchoff

    do hashbrowns next !! mcdonalds hashbrowns are so good but u have to go before a certain time !

  • Ce G
    Ce G

    Can you share a link or title of the intro song? "...Staring out at a distance..." song. ?

  • Savannah Holmes
    Savannah Holmes

    hi just commenting to show my appreciation for you! :)

  • Mohd Asyraf Abd Aziz
    Mohd Asyraf Abd Aziz

    I think you have a twins. Talk the trust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ines de Llera
    Ines de Llera

    watching this while I’m drunk eating McDonald’s fries

  • CarefreeKate

    Agreed, Arby's have the BEST fries

  • Shayla goodridge
    Shayla goodridge

    Sonic has the best tater tots no cap 🧢

  • Ryan Hampton
    Ryan Hampton

    okay now i want fries and the chipotle idea!

  • Karee Chase
    Karee Chase

    are u gonna tell the wendy’s spit story because.......you said it a lil too calm fa me

  • Jade Discua
    Jade Discua

    No matter what people say MCDONALDS HAS THE BEST FRIES in my opinion

    • KaylaThy Nguyen
      KaylaThy Nguyen

      Yes McDonald’s and I also like in-n-out fries

  • MusicianOnAMission

    "There's never a line at this Wendy's" = don't eat there because it's nasty.

    • table cloth
      table cloth

      tasteless wendy's is so good

  • mariateresa

    french fries are not from french there from belgium

  • Craig Caffarelli
    Craig Caffarelli

    I can confidently say that I go to Arby’s regularly

  • veronica

    why does it make me mad when she gets a stomach ache its not ur fault emma

  • Radhika

    this is just making me hungry for fast food

  • Alondra Nunez
    Alondra Nunez

    Literally Arby's fries are so underrated, that's the only thing I will ever purchase from them tho... I don't think they have the "meat" iykyk XD (Their Coffee Shake slaps too! ;)

  • chrollos book
    chrollos book

    Your lucky I have fries.

  • HarleysWolfPack

    Burger King will always be my favorite fry...but yes they need to add more salt 🤣

  • Hassan Hussein
    Hassan Hussein

    same i what friessssss

  • Delianne Vizcarrondo
    Delianne Vizcarrondo

    People are sleeping on Wendy’s

  • Annette Texas
    Annette Texas

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  • brielle


  • James Booth
    James Booth

    Which eye are you using when you look into the camera 👀?

  • Eliise Piirits
    Eliise Piirits

    emma i was abt to go out to get a wrap and golden oreos. now im going out to get fries 🤠

  • Kuroos Waifu
    Kuroos Waifu

    Arby’s fries r superior

  • tommi h
    tommi h

    the only time i judge customers is when they bring Lice shampoo through my line.. like now i’m all itchy

  • BasicTrainer

    Popeyes fries hands down

  • AleAsp 22
    AleAsp 22

    Am i the only one that leaned forward to get the forehead kiss?? i feel weird.

  • Gretchen Harsh
    Gretchen Harsh

    Why no one talking about the fact that she disrespected Chick-fil-A

  • Ashley Lee
    Ashley Lee

    Can you please link your earrings? I have been on the hunt for hoops that are the right size forever.

  • Dalia Dee
    Dalia Dee

    Hey guys along with my twin sister we decided to make some snack tasting videos as well 😁 Check out our latest snack tasting video where we try snacks from Taiwan 🇹🇼 ! -->. ltwhite.info/pack/25qqZbZ3xdOxdaU/vaizdo-ra-as.html

  • mak a
    mak a

    why isnt anyone talking about how she literally nailed the chick fil a sauce ingredients

  • Dhruv The Don
    Dhruv The Don


  • Marleni Lopez
    Marleni Lopez


  • Marleni Lopez
    Marleni Lopez

    I literally want to be your friend emma!!! She is seriously so funny I can't lmao!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Megan Clark
    Megan Clark

    Also...is there Steak and Shake in California??? Cause their fries are really good too, BUT ( and this is a mandatory BUT) they HAVE to be HOT!! Right out of fryer hot. If not they taste like trash/cardboard!! They are like those fry sticks u get at grocery that are in potato chip aisle.

  • Megan Clark
    Megan Clark

    EMMA I KNOW this video is a little older BUT somehow I missed it. So even tho I highly doubt u will see this, or go to chix fillet for fries again anytime soon.....I wanted to tell u next time get the Polynesian sauce to dip ur fries ( or nuggets for all my NON veg/vegan friends out there) It is fucking amazing! Its like a sweet sauce then with the salty 🍟 BAAAYYYY-BEEEE!!! Its 🔥 FIRE!! ( but in a fire pit fire!! Safe fire...not wild destroying Koalas and their habitat in Austrailia fire)

  • Heidi McGreevy
    Heidi McGreevy

    You need to try the Animal Style Fries at In-N-Out

  • Kyndikane 09
    Kyndikane 09

    In and out fries 🤮, McDonald’s 10/10

  • Kurapika Supremacy
    Kurapika Supremacy

    Arbies curly fries are ELITE

  • nero fahad
    nero fahad

    what car is emma driving?

  • Heather Lassiter
    Heather Lassiter

    mcdonalds coke.... spot tf on

  • Sara Medina
    Sara Medina

    I swear the Burger King that’s near my house has the saltiest fries ugh

  • Tiffany Vazquez
    Tiffany Vazquez

    emma highly agree with hating in-n-out fries my family’s obsessed and there honestly trash

  • 35kElisa

    My mom is getting me fries and now I’m watching this

  • 35kElisa

    Omg before this video I get a Emma chamberlain pacsun ad!😳

  • Emma :
    Emma :

    i was about ready to have a mental breakdown because (it was just one of those weeks) but then i watched this snd now i suddenly don’t need to cry anymore.....the POWER emma holds!!!

  • Jaliahhh

    1. arby’s 2. checkers 3. chickfila 4. wendy’s 5. taco bell 6.mcdonald’s

  • Vanessa Chlebek
    Vanessa Chlebek

    Everything made in cali says that it can contain cancer or whatever. Even apple products :/

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A

    Girl ur making me want to go get all these places, except Canada doesn’t have In N Out , Arby’s & Jack in the box 🤣

  • grxyjaz

    Why is no one talking about that guy zooming by the car super fast

  • Maya K
    Maya K

    Emma: “Arby’s has a sign that says their food could cause cancer or reproductive harm” Also Emma: •eats Arby’s fries•

  • C I A N A R O B S O N
    C I A N A R O B S O N

    Arby’s curly fries ARE ELITE

  • ツcelestina

    if you live in texas yk whataburger has the best fries

  • Jerm

    7:19 “I am getting a plastic smell”😂

  • Greg Troy
    Greg Troy

    The vivacious waterfall subsequently cycle because purpose nearly untidy apropos a fabulous faucet. sad, breezy lamp

  • Ella ___
    Ella ___

    Emma. Tacobell has fries and fries w nacho cheese(in finland lol)

  • Jacqueline Marquez
    Jacqueline Marquez

    She forgot popeyesss

  • Alyssa

    Love your videos!! Those burps gross me out though I’m sorry 😢

  • rachel

    i could not survive driving in LA

  • Thisnxggarudy 167
    Thisnxggarudy 167

    some reason i stop watching your videos then come back you posted so many been binge watching all the videos i missed your so entertaining to watch

  • Patricia

    okay why all the food taste test are sponsored

  • emily martinez
    emily martinez

    I love your vids I can’t believe I just found your channel I feel blessed. ❤️🥺🔥

  • CourtneyJoy

    Please do ultimate frozen tater tot or frozen French fry taste test

  • Miranda Jones
    Miranda Jones

    Its kinda funny how Emma loved Wendy’s fries because I’m not very picky and Wendy’s fries r literally *disgusting* to me lol

  • Erica Mae Ambulo
    Erica Mae Ambulo

    Emma, would you try Jollibee too 😉

  • Ruby Jeanne
    Ruby Jeanne

    I've been in Arby's line for hours and I have to sh*t..... forget what everyone else is commenting about. this is the WINNER.

  • Despair& Depression
    Despair& Depression

    kfc fries R SO GUUUUD

  • Calla Palmer
    Calla Palmer


    • Calla Palmer
      Calla Palmer


  • Jerry harvey
    Jerry harvey

    Taco Bell dose nacho fries honey it’s okay

  • txshie

    ngl chickfila fries taste wack :(

  • Lady Breakfast burrito
    Lady Breakfast burrito

    Emma:*beeps*im going straight to hell 5 minutes later *BEEP* Also Emma:Shut the fuck up😤

  • Cheyanne Martinez
    Cheyanne Martinez

    emma: *beeps at someone for having a pedestrian cross" *feels bad* *gets beeped at for not moving* emma: "shut, the fuck up" ahhhhh

  • SophiaElizabeth

    is nobody gonna tell her mcdonalds uses beef salt on their french fries and vegans/vegetarians shouldnt eat them!!!

  • youngbosss GAMING
    youngbosss GAMING

    So I stopped watching Emma about a year ago and I came back to this video and she looks so wierd

  • Jelly Bit
    Jelly Bit

    So is no one gonna talk about the dude on the scooter that went zooming by at 11:39

  • Rosie Azzi
    Rosie Azzi

    who wanna go get fries with me?

  • Bayan_ gazmouz
    Bayan_ gazmouz

    Polynesian and Honey mustard sauce slap with chickfila fries

  • Bayan_ gazmouz
    Bayan_ gazmouz

    Sis burps at least 20 times per video

  • hayley monique
    hayley monique

    The kind cinema seemingly guard because hobbies principally zoom upon a inquisitive deposit. absorbing, nebulous hat

  • Derek Willis
    Derek Willis

    Not sure which is more gorgeous, her face or personality

  • Kwasi

    It's chips

  • Samantha Rychling
    Samantha Rychling

    Emma: I don’t like chick fi la sauce Me: HoW dArE yOu

  • it disgraces me to be related to you
    it disgraces me to be related to you

    Not Emma's PACSUN ad being the ad for her video💀

    • Haley Leon
      Haley Leon

      Same for me lol

  • Eleanor Hobson
    Eleanor Hobson

    Europeans only have Mac Donald’s and Burger King in this video 😂

  • April Aii
    April Aii

    im hungry

  • Matilda and Willow
    Matilda and Willow

    you got it all wrong the best fast food fries is lennys

  • Isaiah Bell
    Isaiah Bell

    Let less she all mine

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